Outsourced Payroll & Contract Administration for Pass-Through Contractors

Simple From the Start

Who are Pass-Through contractors?

While there is not a universal term, Pass-through contractors may also be referred to as temporary staff, contingent workforce, professional freelancers, independent workforce, however these individuals are typically alumni, referrals, or those who have been sourced directly by the organization. Chances are that up to 50% of your organization's total contractor workforce is comprised of people who were sourced independently of your recruitment partners. Pass-Through contractors are essential to how an organization works and gets work done.

Why do businesses work with 3rd party payroll companies?

The management of contractors can absorb a substantial amount of energy, time, resources and most importantly, may expose the organization to significant risks.

Requirements to consider:

  • Satisfying internal compliance requirements
  • Ensuring appropriate insurance coverage
  • Adhering to local and federal laws
  • Validating pay classification (1099, W-2, etc.)
  • Confirming legal status of the worker
  • Guaranteeing proper tax remittance
  • Satisfying Affordable Care Act requirements

WorkThru partners with companies to reduce energy, time, and resources required for managing Pass-through contractors, while mitigating risks to the organization. Our flexible and scalable model allows you to manage Pass-through contractors simply and efficiently across North America.

Key Benefits

WorkThru helps clients organize, manage, and pay Pass-through contractors in a compliant and efficient manner. We tailor our offering to meet your current business needs and develop a strategy to achieve your future goals. As your vendor partner, WorkThru guarantees the following:

  • Proprietary contractor management and administration system that is simple, smart, and helpful for all activities related to contractors across North America.
  • Validated classification of all independent contractors and related government remittances for co-employment indemnification purposes.
  • Full compliance to all internal and statutory compliance requirements and policies.
  • Seamless transition of all current contract workforce within 30 days of request.
  • VMS and MSP agnostic- we will integrate seamlessly within your current environment.

Contractor Payroll

  • Contractor payment accuracy rate of 99.83%.
  • Flexible pay schedule options (weekly, semi-monthly, monthly).
  • Electronic back office provides ease of use, offering contractor portal, e-remittances, e-contracts, e-timesheets, and full VMS integration.
  • Highly adaptable/customized process - ability to integrate with client workflows, technology, and vendors (such as Beeline and Fieldglass).
  • Dedicated Delivery Team to ensure service level agreement satisfaction, standardized contract management, and program engagement.
  • Competitive healthcare coverage for all eligible W-2 contractors, including medical, dental, and vision.

Our commitment

  • 100% Contractor Compliance
  • Methodical review and confirmation of payment type/pay documents by our compliance team.
  • Onboard verification of all required documents is audited prior to contractor being permitted to start their assignment, with all documents stored in WorkThru.
  • Offer customized onboarding to meet client specific ancillary documents and/or requirements

Full Risk Mitigation and Compliance Excellence

  • We will insulate clients from workers' compensation and unemployment insurance exposure.
  • All consultants flowing through WorkThru will automatically be covered under our umbrella insurance policy that provides for up to $10 million coverage for Commercial General Liability and up to $10 million in Errors and Omissions insurance.
  • We are the Employer of Record for W-2 contractors and Agency of Record for all 1099 contractors